With over a decade of experience reviewing processes, strategic development is my passion. Strategy is multilayered, it is the overall game plan of success, that can and may change. Strategy is a partnership, branding, marketing, business goals, development, organization, customer service, and retention...almost every aspect of your business. It's about working towards a common goal, working smarter to save time and money, to move your business forward. I've strategically aligned my clients to succeed. Let me do the same for you.



Understanding the importance of branding from logo, company message, and tagline to your audience is all a part of marketing. Making sure your messaging and all forms of communication are consistent inevitably means moving your business forward and growing your business. This is true in for-profit as well as non-profits. Your business is your brand. 


Is everyone in your business aligned? Are you part of a business conglomerate that needs to understand aspect(s) of business? I've done workshops on a variety of subject material from writing and communication to utilizing databases and understanding data. Based on your needs I can customize and present a workshop for your group. My workshops are interactive and built on learning and understanding. Every person who leaves my workshops, walks away with a deeper understanding of the topic.


Consultants provide objectivity. We look at the bigger picture and see the details to complete it. A session with me is chalked full of information to help your start your business or achieve your literary goals. My approach is to advise you on the best course of action even if it's not starting a business or going back to the drawing board. I help your business reach new heights by reviewing your procedures, board/staff, website-essentially anything to make sure you continue to grow. My consulting is based on empowering the business owner or writer in an authentic and truthful way. Contact me today for a free needs assessment.